Sunday Finds - Colour = Happy

I haven't played with the colour finder tool on Etsy in ever so long and I'm so glad I did when I started preparing for this post a couple of weeks ago - because Etsy announced the soon to be retirement of all  of their flash based buying tools just Last week! And lookee what I found! This Summer colours - Swirl felt necklace by Clare of softywalter is such a visual delight. Just looking at it makes me feel happy and in a strange way I want to lick it too (but only if it was made of sweets - which in my imagination it is)!
Clare is another London U.K. based fellow Etasian like myself, Fab!

My second pick for my finds post is an art print by Cheri of Art2ArtColorado. This image is very appropriately named as Spring City Nights and it feels somehow like a snapshot of a dream place to me - populated by faeries and elfin folk. It seems to have a wonderful illusion of depth and gives me a sense that there even more magical happenings happening just out of view.

Color Wheel Necklace by Tamar of NestPrettyThingsKids is a pretty little bauble in itself but the presentation of it in this image is simply stunning. It is gorgeous photography and product presentation like this that reminds me that I have a long way to go yet. This whole shop is an uplifting colour therapy happy treat for the eyes. Go on and take a peek and I dare you not to smile!

Jolene x

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  1. Hi Jolene!
    *what a sweet surprise!
    I'm an old Flash fan and it made my day to see this...and since we just exited a bitter deep-freeze, these colorful picks are perfect. Thank you so much!
    Art2Art ;D