Love and wounded hearts

Love and wounded hearts by DoubleDmentia - Reflecting the light and love, but also the darkness felt around Valentine's Day...

A stunning collection of dark and beautiful treasures. Love and wounded hearts by DeeDee of DoubleDmentia is a spectacular treasury. Not least for it's eclectic sense of the bazaar and dark humour.

It is an honour for my Lipstick Rose beads to be featured by my fellow Etsian and fellow member of HAFteam.

DeeDee is a jewellery designer and artist. Her Etsy shop is full to the brim with her distinctive creations, all of which have a real edge of dark Gothic romance. It is so refreshing to see an Etsy store that has the owners personality and desires so clearly represented by their work and imagery. I have selected this fascinating watercolour print to show you, it is part of DoubleDmentia's AntiValentine collection.

ready for framing. It is a bit glossy, like a photograph, and the back has the title printed, along with my signature

Hemophiliac Heart (print reproduction of original watercolor painting)

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  1. Awesome blog and HAFteam is one of my favorites. Been a member for a little while and find that so many are supportive and helpful whenever it's needed.