Sunday finds - Pretty Butterfly

I think that what fascinates me most about a butterfly is its symmetry. The queens and kings of any butterfly house are those with the brightest colour, iridescent, pearlescent and spectacular. This edition of Sunday Finds is dedicated to the imagery of the butterfly used in some spectacular hand crafted accessories.

My first find is this stunning Tiffany style barrette by treasurefield. I love that it has been hand crafted using polymer clay and that I have no idea how these stunning pearlescent effects have been created. Alisa also has one of the loveliest blogs, filled with pretty images and photography, that I have had the pleasure to browse in a while.

I fell in love with this stylish faerie and butterfly cameo cuff as soon as set eyes on it. Designed and crafted by Lara…. otherwise known as Mistress Autumn. Eternal Autumn is chock full of original, funky and overall deliciously dark macabre romantica……and this! Love it thank you and Nom Nom Nom!

And my last pick this week is this stunning butterfly necklace by FairLeia. I can’t tell you anything much about its maker…but I do know this, it’s blinking lovely.


  1. Hi! And thank you for visiting my shop and featuring my work! You really do have some great finds; I have to explore more.
    Also, I think you're the first person I've run across who works with both glass and polymer clay. I imagine they're quite different but complement each other.
    Your work is lovely, as well as your blog.
    Thanks again!
    Alisa :) TREASUREFIELD.etsy.com