Sunday Finds - Found Objects

I find these beach stone buttons by madeforfun utterly appealing – I have no experience working with textiles but can picture these as a closure on a hand stitched hessian tote bag. In my hands one of these would become the focal point of a funky necklace or bracelet and the rest piled up in a pretty little dish to make me smile every time I see them.

This makes me smile too – as do many other of the (and I don’t hesitate to say it) works of art from Kenjio. I think that art (both good and bad) is simply a word that can be used to describe that someone’s creation elicits an emotion or evokes a memory from you as the viewer (even if it is distain and a cry of “ha! – call this art do ya?”)
Anyway, back to the point – when I stumbled across Daniel Lai’s book sculpture on Etsy I fell in lust with the imagery, idea and beautiful execution of his original concept – I would love one of these in my home.

Cute? Oh yes!! This fella is called Blue and was created by Josh of BrownDogWelding. A minimum of 10% of all profits from this quirky Etsy store are gifted to wonderful charities, split between Home Fur-Ever and The Genesis House, a women's shelter in Detroit.

Jolene x

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