Sunday Finds - Polymer Clay Sculpture

Okay - you got me! It's not Sunday, but it is the first chance I've had to poke around on t'interweb during our Christmas celebrations. This weeks finds are dedicated to fellow Etsians who sculpt with polymer clay. I couldn't narrow down my picks to just three!!

First up is this cutesy little polymer clay "wooden" horse from trinasclaycreations it is absolutely darling. I just adore it's glitzy little saddle and brushable looking mane and tail. You can find out more about Trina Prenzi on her website Trinas Clay Creations.

My next pick is Jazber, a polymer clay monster figurine by
iHeartMutants aka Nichole Topley. This guy makes me smile - something about the happy colours and stunning detail in his twinkling eye made me instantly fall in love. Nicole's crazy critters are all absolutely unique as she doesn't work to a pattern - each and every one of her cute figurines is painted by hand and is signed.

This guy is soooo sweet! I wanna scoop him up and pop him in a blanket to keep him warm. Mavin the baby elf gnome was skillfully crafted by Dolores Marple of trolltracks. Delores's blog is also utterly delightful too!

This amazing fella is Comic Book Caleb, a Robot Sculpture by RobotsAreAwsome. It was so very hard to narrow down to just one robot from this shop to feature in my Sunday Finds post, the comic book surface treatment - an ingenious thing to do with polymer clay is what swung it for Caleb....this Etsy shop is a corker of a creative cool hang out! You can be kept up to date with what is new with RobotsAreAwsome on FaceBook here.....

Four very different styles, I'm sure you would agree - but there is a common theme of cuteness and a heartwarming humour that links them all for me.

Hope you like these cool creatures as much as I do! Jolene x


  1. Aw, when I was about 12 Trolls were The Big Thing for girls to collect. I couldn't afford a big one so I had loads of little ones on the top of my pencils. I still lust after a big troll, so I fell in love with Mavin here!

  2. Ooh! I love the one eye monster!!! So cute!!!