Sunday Finds - A cog in the wheel

This stunning little pendant was created by Loretta Wallace of Hipster Designs. I love the rainbow shimmer on the cogs - it brings back a nostalgic remembrance of the kind of holographic art and visual alchemy that was all the rage in the 80's. Loretta's shop is choc a block with handmade scrabble tile pendants in all sorts of cool and chic designs.

The first thing that drew me to click in and take a closer look at this piece was the lovely detailing on the dragonfly's wings. What led me to pick this piece to feature though was the happy feeling I felt when I spotted the slow/fast dial. The whole balance (no pun intended) of this piece strikes (no pun intended) a chord with me, fancifully bonkers like Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter or Wlly Wonka and yet would be equally at home in the hand of Arwen Evenstar. You can check out more beautiful steampunkery at penny farthing designs.

These are the coolest little lampwork beads that I have seen in ages - they have had my finger hovering over the buy button off and on all week, and if Christmas wasn't just right around the corner I'd have pushed that button in a flash - they call out to the part of me that since I was a kid has found clockwork things so so pretty - Becky Fairclough is a wonderful talent. You can find her on Etsy and also on her own website http://www.chameleondesigns.co.uk

Jolene x

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